CHPC Allocation
Request Form

This is a printer-friendly web form. Simply fill it out in your web browser and print it, or if you prefer, print it and fill it out by hand. For security reasons we only accept signed paper versions of this form. Please print this form using a graphic web browser.

If you are new to the allocation process, feel free to take a look at this Sample Application.

If you prefer to submit your request electronically, you may do so using our Electronic Allocation Request Process. The electronic process uses jira (our problem tracking system), so you'll need an active jira account. If you are unable to log in or encounter other issues, please send an email to with a description of the problem.

Project Title
Principal Investigator Information

Individuals participating in the project
SUs required for the next calendar quarters

Ember Cluster

Updraft Cluster

1 SU = 1 Walltime
Hour/2 Ghz proc -
min 2 procs per job (4 on sanddunearch)



Please (in brief - no more than two pages) address the following questions/topics regarding your proposal:

  • General description of the project.
  • Significance of the project and expected impact in the field.
  • Describe the numerical techniques or third party software that will be used in the project.
  • Describe the characteristics of your computational results and the methodology for analyzing and presenting the results. If applicable, describe the visualization resources necessary for presenting your results.
  • Describe the parallelism of your code - particularly if requesting allocation on the updraft system. Include what you know about scaling and optimal job sizes of the codes you expect to run.
  • Describe the computer resources available to you in your research group, department, or college, list allocations you already have elsewhere (SDSC, NCSA, Teragrid etc.). Explain the distinction between your proposed work and work already covered by your existing allocations and explain why CHPC resources are sought.
  • Resources required. Please indicate CPU, memory, disk space, etc. and explain how you arrived at your estimated figures.
  • Indicate sources of funding for the project, including off campus computer time. Describe efforts, if any, to obtain further support.
  • If this project has been previously supported by CHPC, please describe the results obtained, including: student thesis, conference papers, and journal papers (please include preprints or reprints for CHPC files).

Please make sure all areas of application are completed, sign the form, and return to:

Janet Ellingson
The University of Utah
Center for High Performance Computing
155 South 1452 East Room 405
Salt Lake City, UT 84112-0190

(Room 405 of the INSCC Building.)
FAX: 585-5366

** If you currently have a CHPC account, you do NOT need to send in an account application form each time you apply for allocated time. Only those who do not have a current CHPC account need send in an application form.

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