U of U Logiplex Security System Request Form

This is a printer-friendly web form. Simply fill it out in your web browser and print it, or if you prefer, print it and fill it out by hand. For security reasons we only accept signed paper versions of this form. Please print this form using a graphic web browser.

Personnel Data

Faculty Staff Graduate Undergraduate Other


  • I will not loan my University of Utah ID/U-Card to anyone. Further, if I lose my ID/U-Card, I will notify my department immediately.
  • If assigned a Logiplex P.I.N., I will not disclose it to anyone. If I believe my P.I.N. to have been compromised for any reason, I will notify my department immediately.
  • I understand that violations of any of the above may lead to my suspecsion or termination from the University of Utah as per Policy and Procedure 5-3.



Access Encode Modify Delete Disable

Allow access to:

019: 1st Floor South Bldg. Entrance
019: 2nd Floor Break Room 293
019: 2nd Floor East Bldg. Entrance
019: Break Room 194
019: CHPC Miklavcic's Office 296
019: Computer Server Room 275
019: Conference Room 345
019: Conference Room 445
019: Controller/Editing Room 111
040: Room 095 Card Reader
019: Entrance Suite 305
019: Mail Room 255
019: North Entrance Suite 405
019: Office 394
019: Office Room 192
019: Room 110 Large T.C. Auditorium
019: South Entrance Suite 405
019: Visualization Equipment Room 115
019: Visualizaton Room 294
040: Room 087 Card Reader Hall D

Allow access on the following days:

Allow access at the following times:

Temporary access (optional):



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