CHPC Software: SAS

From traditional statistical analysis of variance and predictive modeling to exact methods and statistical visualization techniques, SAS/STAT software is designed for both specialized and enterprisewide analytical needs. SAS/STAT software provides a complete, comprehensive set of tools that can meet the data analysis needs of the entire organization.

SAS is one of the top comprehensive statistical packages available today. SAS includes powerful data handling capabilities combined with implementations of most popular statistical routines from simple univariate descriptive statistics to Structural Equation Modeling capabilities. CHPC typically has the most recent "stable" version running on our server.

SAS includes a GUI (Graphical User Interface) that gives the user a separate window for a data editor, output display, logfile, etc. Use of SAS requires windowing capabilities. If you are accessing sunspot from a Windows or Macintosh machine, you will need X-Windows capability to take advantage of SAS's integrated environment, in fact to run SAS at all.

The SAS executable resides in /uufs/stats/sys/bin/sas and can be run from the command prompt by typing > sas.

Last Modified: August 06, 2009 @ 11:53:05