Migration of /uufs/inscc.utah.edu/common/home to new fileserver February 3rd, 2005

Posted: January 26, 2005

Migration of /uufs/inscc.utah.edu/common/home to new fileserver February 3rd, 2005

We are planning to migrate to a new fileserver for home directories on our HPC systems during the downtime February 3rd, 2005. This will affect you only if your home directory is currently being served on the HPC systems (arches clusters, icebox and sierra) out of the /uufs/inscc.utah.edu/common/home filesystem.

We will be making the following changes to our policies for this space:

  1. We will no longer backup this data. Any critical data in this space should be moved to your home department for permanent storage.
  2. We will be putting quotas on the usage of the new filesystem. The default quota will be 1 GB. If you need a larger quota, please send a request to problems@chpc.utah.edu.
  3. We will discontinue charging for the disk usage in this space.

We plan on leaving the data on the current fileserver for a few weeks in the event the new fileserver has any problems. If you have any questions or concerns about these changes, please let us know.