CHPC Major Downtime: Tuesday January 15th, 2013 beginning at 7:00 AM - Unknown

Posted: January 8, 2013

Event date: January 15, 2013

Duration: From 7 a.m. January 15th: Clusters down most of the day. Other services, see below.

Systems Affected/Downtime Timelines: During this downtime, maintenance will be performed in the datacenters, requiring many systems to be down most of the day. Tentative timeline:

  • HPC Clusters: beginning at 7:00 a.m. lasting most of the day
  • File Servers: CHPCFS will remain up. While redbutte will stay up, there are a number of groups who will have outages to migrate home directories from oquirrh to redbutte. These particular spaces are:
    • baron-home
    • cheatham-home
    • cliu-home
    • garrett-home
    • gregg-home
    • horel-home
    • jenkins-home
    • jiang-home
    • krueger-home
    • lin-home
    • mace-home
    • paegle-home
    • perry-home
    • reichler-home
    • smithp-home
    • steele-home
    • steenburgh-home
    • strong-home
    • whiteman-home
    • yandell-home
    • zhdanov-home
    • zipser-home
    • zpu-home
  • Network outages: No outage
  • Virtual Machines: No outage
  • Software License Server: 15 minute outage sometime between 8 and 10 a.m.

Instructions to User:

  • Users involved the the home directory outages listed above should logoff of any Linux systems mounting their home directories. Groups will be notified as their home directory moves are completed, and will be told the new path for any samba or cifs mounts. At this point it is recommended you reboot your desktop prior to contacting CHPC with issues. After you have rebooted, please let us know of any issues by sending
  • Please remember that /scratch is scrubbed of all files older than 60 days on a regular basis.