FY14 Budget Cuts at CHPC

Posted: June 27, 2013

Dear CHPC Users,

With the expected decline in federal research funding and the ensuing reduction in campus research overhead funds, CHPC’s FY14 budget has been reduced. Accordingly, CHPC has realigned its priorities along the University’s advanced research mission. Unfortunately, we must reduce our past levels of support for researcher computational environments (desktops) and advanced multimedia. We also have had to eliminate five positions from our staff.

The good news for the coming year is that CHPC will continue its focus on advanced research computing services - HPC, storage/Big Data, and virtualization/cloud services. In spite of the cuts, we will continue to invest in new computational capabilities this year to keep the clusters supporting the general allocation pool relevant. In addition, we are deploying a new cluster - kingspeak - right now.

Kingspeak cluster description:

  • 32 nodes (16 cores each) - 512 cores total
  • 2 interactive nodes
  • 2.6-Ghz speed with AVX support: 10.6 TFlops maximum, (without AVX: 5.3 TFlops)
  • Not all codes will be able to take advantage of the AVX support as this feature is dependent upon how well the codes vectorize. Also the general nodes on Ember run at a maximum speed of 9 TFlops: Infiniband interconnect
  • New /scratch space of approximately 150 TBytes
  • Expected to be online sometime this summer and under allocation control beginning October 1

The unfortunate news is that CHPC can no longer provide desktop and multimedia support in the same manner as we did in the past. We will work to recraft agreements with groups for whom we have provided such support. Please be patient with our staff as we regroup. We anticipate that desktop support requests will take longer to address.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Steve Corbato, Julio Facelli, Guy Adams or myself. We appreciate your continued support of CHPC and look forward to continued collaboration to assist your research.