Major Change in Scope of Feb 6th Downtime -- Now 6am to 9am

Posted: February 3, 2014

Due to changes in the scheduling of the campus network changes and the electrical work in the Downtown Data Center, the scope of the downtime on Feb 6th has been changed. The CHPC networking changes and updates will be started at 6am. We estimate that all work will be completed by about 9am.

During most of this window, starting at 6am, the interactive nodes, any CHPC compute servers, the meteoXX and atmosXX boxes, as well as all VMs will be inaccessible. The batch schedulers on the clusters will be paused so that no new jobs can be started. Users will not have access to CHPC file systems (including CIFS/Samba mounted shares on desktops). Any existing connections to the VMs, interactive or compute nodes, and file systems may be lost during this window.

An announcement will be sent once the interactive nodes, VMs, and CHPC file systems are again accessible and the schedulers have been allowed to resume.

The campus networking outage to move INSCC to the new campus backbone has been tentatively rescheduled for Sunday, February 23rd.

The electrical work in the Downtown Data Center as well as any additional work on the clusters has been tentatively rescheduled for Tuesday, February 25th. During this February 25th downtime, CHPC will start the separation the smithp nodes from ember into a new cluster named in order to prepare for an upcoming expansion of this groups resources. This separation is necessary, due to limitations of the infiniband infrastructure, in preparation for a planned addition to Professor Smith's cluster. Once the new ash cluster is up, later in the week of the 25th, guest access will be allowed as before.

As we approach these dates, more information will be provided.