CHPC Offers Consultation on Research Database Management

CHPC is pleased to announce the introduction of research database support as a new service to University of Utah faculty and students. This new service includes data analysis, database design and development, database administration, and support for general database issues and concerns.

Jody Smith, CHPC database administration, is available to provide these services and support. Jody, who recently joined the CHPC staff, has extensive experience in data warehousing, relational database design, development and implementation. He has worked for many years with large commercial companies and is now ready to take on the task of helping University researchers develop and manage their databases.

CHPC now provides the following services:

Data Analysis: This will be provided by way of DBA consultation. Consultation will involve data analysis, modeling, and mapping. Training and database design concepts documentation can be requested if necessary.

Database Design and Development: These services entail creating a database schematic and tables that map to and contain the data defined in the analysis phase, importing and possibly creating an importing process if necessary, and validating and testing the populated database.

Database Administration: CHPC will provide training, maintenance, including backups, reorganizing and optimization, as well as security, upgrades and deployment.

Other database services may include technical advice that helps with performance and compatibility issues of existing databases, database conversion implications and considerations, as well as client and web interface products that allow easier database access, enhancements and modifications.

If CHPC database services would help you manage your research data, please contact Jody Smith. He can be reached by phone (801-647-3042) or by email: