Save a Tree - Use the Online Application Process

The CHPC account application process is now available online. Although we will still accept the old paper form, we encourage everyone to use the new system as the process is much faster.

The process may be initiated either by the applicant or by the PI (faculty advisor) or their CHPC recognized delegate for whom the applicant will be working. Once the online form has been completed and submitted to CHPC, the system will automatically request verification of the applicant's email address by sending an email to the applicant and waiting for a response. An applicant's request will not be processed further without a response to this email verification. Also, if the applicant initiates the process, a request for approval of the application will be sent via e-mail to the faculty advisor. This approval must also be completed before the account will be created.

CHPC policy requires that the faculty advisors of any non-faculty CHPC account holders, including post-docs, also have CHPC accounts. If the applicant identifies a faculty member who does not yet have an account, the system will create an account after CHPC has verified the faculty member's status and email. We encourage faculty members who wish to create accounts for themselves and their research group members to first speak with CHPC's associate director, Julia Harrison, so we can identify the resource needs.

The online application form is available at the following URL: