CHPC Networking Services*

*The resources and services provided by CHPC are dynamic. The following list is not meant to be all inclusive, nor is every service necessarily generally available. CHPC is always open to new ideas and intends to remain responsive as the faculty, technology and expertise change and grow; If a researcher thinks they could use CHPC support, even if the resource is not listed here, we encourage them to explore it with us.

CHPC Networking services provided Campus Wide

  • Advanced Network Services
    • Terminate Special networks, i.e. USU-UofU Grid, NOAA WeatherService
    • End-to-End troubleshooting for research projects, file transfers, project site interconnectivity, etc.
    • Network Tuning for large transfers
    • Specialized protocol testing/tuning/implementation
    • Network Equipment testing
    • National Network interface
    • Specialized Network protocol training

CHPC Networking Services Provided to INSCC Building

  • Network to the Wall plate within INSCC
    • VPN (utilizes campus VPN services)
    • Wireless within INSCC (provides local wireless and campus wireless)
    • Connectivity to 3 Data Centers
    • Out of Band services for network/system infrastructure
    • Access Control List maintenance for basic network protection

Data Center

  • Provision racks, networking and physical support for 3 Data Centers