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Systems Group

CHPC's system group is comprised of 11 employees who administer the following:

Desktop Support:

We administer various departmental desktop computers including Linux, Macs, and Windows. We also administer a variety of departmental home and group file servers -- which add up to more than a petabyte of disk storage.

CHPC currently supports select reseach groups in Atmospheric Science (located in INSCC and William B. Browning Building), Physics and Astronomy (located in INSCC), Chemistry (located in INSCC and Thatcher), Geology and Geophysics (located in the Sutton Building), Institute for Clean and Secure Energy (ICSE, located in INSCC), Medicinal Chemistry (located in Skaggs) and Biomedical informatics(located in HSEB, School of Medicine (SOM) Building 521, and 615 Arapeen in research park)

Any tenants of the INSCC building may use CHPC staff for their desktop support. In addition, research groups who use computers as their main research instrument may request desktop support from CHPC. On a case-by-case basis, the director negotiates with the dean or department chair for how the funding of these additional desktop support services will be managed and supported.

Basic Services:

Currently we provide support for web servers, problem tracking, home and group file systems, Domain Name Services, system logging services, and others.


We currently administer several clusters. The architecture is varied: 32 bit Intel Architecture, 64 bit Alpha Processors, 64 bit AMD Opteron processors. In total there is well over 3000 cores in various clusters.


The systems group chooses a team approach to meet the needs of CHPC users. We designate primary and secondary responsibility areas -- still everyone works together and helps when there are problems. All work in the systems group is considered equally "important" as each administrator impacts the work of others, and the success of the center.