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User Services at CHPC

The members of CHPC User Services are dedicated to providing proactive, timely service to all users of HPC platforms and for the computing needs for occupants on the INSCC building. Applying high-performance computing to research requires a broad base of user support services which include:

  • Help with Getting Started with HPC: The CHPC Getting Started Guide should be your first stop when you start using our HPC platforms, or to collaborate with us. This document will take you through the basic policies and forms you need to be familiar with to get the most out of our services.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Another useful reference which may help you as you begin working with CHPC is our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). We recommend you become familiar with this document before you contact our Service Desk. This document is divided into general, accounts, allocations, batch and programming questions.

  • Service Desk: The CHPC Service Desk is covered 8 am to 5 pm on University work days.
  • Please submit questions or problems one of these four ways:
    • email:
    • Enter a question directly in our issue tracking system by visiting our Issue Reporting If you don't have an account in jira, simply click on the "Signup" link. Once you have an account you can report a problem or check on a previously reported problem.
    • telephone: (801) 581-6440
    • Visit us in 405 INSCC. (Please note the Help Desk is not a physical location. You will be re-directed to a person for help when you visit us.

  • Presentations: Every Fall Semester CHPC gives a series of presentations covering a variety of high performance computing topics. These topics range from general introductions to batch systems, parallel programming subjects, to computational chemistry software.

  • Individual Consulting: CHPC provides individual consulting for users interested in parallelizing a particular code, help with running chemistry packages and one on one help with running our batch systems. If you desire such consulting, you may call (801) 581-6440 or send an e-mail message to stating exactly what consulting help you need help with, and a CHPC representative will contact you to set up a meeting.

  • User Guides: The CHPC User's Guides provide detailed information to users on the specifices of each of the HPC platforms we support. The User Guides provide example scripts, information on available compilers and batch system configuation information.