INSCC Desktop Services*

CHPC Services Provided to INSCC Building

  • Network to the Wall plate within INSCC
    • VPN (utilizes campus VPN services)
    • Wireless within INSCC (provides local wireless and campus wireless)
    • Connectivity to 3 Data Centers
    • Out of Band services for network/system infrastructure
    • Access Control List maintenance for basic network protection
  • Desktop Support
    • Operating systems (Linux, Windows, Mac)
    • Software
    • Printing
    • Laptops
  • Monitoring
    • Provide complete system monitoring for all CHPC managed physical and virtual machines
    • Provide complete network monitoring for all CHPC managed network infrastructure
    • Provide monitoring for other groups, as desired
    • Provide full syslog monitoring for all CHPC managed infrastructure
    • Provide monitoring of power and cooling infrastructure for data centers
  • Storage - home directory file servers with full backup support (This service has a fee associated with it)
  • Video conference facilities
    • Access Grid, Polycom, Marratech, Adobe Connect, Skype
  • Scheduling of conference rooms and auditorium
  • Logiplex - CCURE maintenance for building and room access
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