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To get help, contact CHPC User Services.

You can find information on available software sorted alphabetically on the software documentation page.

When you get a new account one one or more of the HPC platforms at CHPC you will automatically be subscriped to the chpc-hpc-users mailing list. You may subscribe, unsubscribed or change your settings by going to or by sending an email with the request to

You'll need both X-windows server software (like Exceed, Xming, Xwin32) and a secure shell package, such as SecureCRT or Putty. Below are the steps to configure Exceed and SecureCRT:

  • Once Exceed is installed:
    • Click Start -> Hummingbird -> Exceed -> xconfig (or rt. clic k Exceed in Task Bar -> Tools -> configuration)
    • Dbl click on Security icon and select "Enabled (no host acce ss)".
    • Click "OK" and close window.
  • Once SecureCRT is installed:
    • Start SecureCRT.
    • Click File -> Quick Connect
    • Set Protocol: ssh2
    • Hostname:
    • SSH Server: Standard
    • Click on the "Advanced.." button -> click on the "Port Forwarding" tab and check the "Forward X11 Packets"
    • Click OK

Exceed does not have SSH built into it. You MUST have Exceed running in order to display an "X" window back to your Windows PC. When Exceed is running, click the "Connect" button in Secure CRT and enter user name and password to connect.

CHPC uses the campus system for authentication. You will use your uNID as your username and the associated password. Please see our password policy for more information.

  1. Go to CHPC home website @
  2. Click on CHPC Services in the top heading options.
  3. Click 'Profile' to the left of your screen.
  4. Enter your login information and press enter.
  5. Click 'Edit Profile' at the top of your personal details.
  6. Go down to the 'shell' option under your settings and select your prefered shell.
  7. Click 'Change' and the bottom of your settings and it will save your prefered shell selection.

CHPC provides new users with a standard set of . ("dot") files. However, they are updated from time and users should get the newest copies from time to time. They are available online here:

Default .tcshrc login script for CHPC systems

Default .bashrc login script for CHPC systems

No. Please contact us if you have particular requirement for this by sending email to

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