Upcoming Downtime - Tuesday June 4, 2013

Posted: May 24, 2013

Duration: All day

CHPC will have a downtime on June 4, 2013 starting at 6:30am to do maintenance on the cooling system in the Komas Datacenter. During this downtime we will also start the move of equipment from Komas and the SSB Datacenter to the new Downtown Datacenter (DDC), as was previously announced.

During this downtime Ember, Updraft Sanddunearch and Telluride will be down for most of the day. Reservations are in place to drain the batch queues by June 4th at 6:30am. Work will also be done on a number of the file systems. Details on the specifics of these file system outages will be given next week.

The equipment that will be moved to the DDC during this downtime:

  • Atmospheric Sciences cluster (atmos, meteo and wx, and nodes, except gl nodes) - Expect an extended downtime for these servers of approximately 2 days beginning June 4th at 7am
  • kachina.chpc.utah.edu and swasey.chpc.utah.edu - Expect extended downtime of 2 days
  • phase I of VM Farm - No downtime expected
  • Apexarch cluster and homerfs - Expect extended downtime of 2 days
  • UCS Nodes and attached storage - Expect extended downtime of 2 days