Upcoming Data Center Move Dates

Posted: August 9, 2013

As we are nearing completion of the new kingspeak cluster, we are finalizing dates for the move of ember and the /scratch/ibrix file systems from their current home in the Komas datacenter to the Downtown datacenter. As updraft and ember currently share an infiniband infrastructure, we first will need an outage to separate the two clusters and re-IP address updraft.

Here is the planned timeline:

Tuesday, Sept 3rd - updraft will be taken down. Our goal is to have it back up by sometime on Friday, Sept 5th. When updraft is back, it will no longer have the two /scratch/ibrix file systems mounted (access will be restored once the ember move - see below - has been completed). It will still have access to /scratch/general, /scratch/uintah and /scratch/serial. We do not anticipate any need for ember to go down.

Thursday, Sept 19th - Ember and the two ibrix file systems will be taken down and moved to the Downtown datacenter. The ember cluster will be moved to the RHEL 6 OS and also have the updated batch scheduler put in place. The plan is to bring up the file systems first as work is being completed on the cluster. We anticipate that ember will be down for 2-3 weeks.