CHPC Fall 2013 Presentation Schedule

Posted: August 21, 2013

All presentations are at 1:00 p.m. in the INSCC Auditorium unless otherwise specified.

Everyone is welcome to attend!

  • September 5th - Overview of CHPC: Wim Cardoen
  • September 10th - **NEW** XSEDE Resource Support at CHPC: Julia Harrison and Albert Lund
  • September 12th - Introduction to Parallel Computing: Martin Cuma
  • September 17th - Introductory Linux for HPC Part 1: Martin Cuma (1-3 p.m.)
  • September 19th - Introductory Linux for HPC Part 2: Martin Cuma (1-3 p.m.)
  • September 24th - Mathematical Libraries at CHPC: Martin Cuma
  • September 26th - Debugging with Totalview: Martin Cuma
  • September 26th - Protected Environment, AI and NLP Services: Sean Igo: HSEB 2908, 1:30-2:30 p.m.
  • October 3rd - Using Python for Scientific Computing: Wim Cardoen
  • October 8th - Chemistry Packages at CHPC: Anita Orendt
  • October 10th - Using Gaussian09 and Gaussview: Anita Orendt
  • October 22nd- Introduction to GPU Programming: Wim Cardoen
  • October 24th - Introduction to I/O in the HPC Environment: Brian Haymore and Sam Liston
  • November 7th - Introduction to programming with MPI: Martin Cuma
  • November 12th - Introduction to programming with Open MP: Martin Cuma
  • November 14th -Hybrid MPI-OpenMP Programming - Martin Cuma
  • November 19th - Fast Parallel I/O at CHPC - Martin Cuma
  • November 26th - Introduction to BRISC Service – Bernie LaSalle

Please visit for descriptions of these presentations.