REMINDER - Updraft downtime starts Tuesday Sept 3rd at 8:00AM

Posted: August 27, 2013

The first step in the process to prepare for the move of Ember and the two /scratch/ibrix file systems to the new datacenter will start on Tuesday, Sept 3rd at 8AM when UPDRAFT is taken down in order to separate Ember from Updraft (they share a common infinband infrastructure) and re-IP address Updraft. Our goal is to have Updraft back up by sometime on Friday, Sept 6th.

When Updraft is back, it will no longer have the two /scratch/ibrix file systems (/scratch/ibrix/chpc_gen and /scratch/ibrix/icse) mounted. Access to these two scratch systems will be restored on Updraft once Ember and the two /scratch/ibrix file systems have been moved to the downtown datacenter (a process scheduled to start Sept 18th and one that will take around 3 weeks). Updraft will still have access to /scratch/general, /scratch/uintah and /scratch/serial when it is back in service.

We do not anticipate any need for Ember to go down or for there to be any impact on running jobs, though we may pause the scheduler for brief periods of time.