REMINDER - Ember cluster and /scratch/ibrix outage starting at Sept. 24 at 8am

Posted: September 18, 2013

Ember, /scratch/ibrix/chpc_gen and /scratch/ibrix/icse will be taken down on Sept 24 starting at 8:00am to move this hardware from the Komas Data Center to the Downtown Data Center. Along with the move, the OS will be updated to RHEL 6 and the new versions of the batch scheduler and resource manager, Moab and Torque, will be installed. There is a reservation in place to empty Ember queue by this time. The /scratch/ibrix file servers data will not be erased, however, please, keep in mind that the servers will be physically moved which can cause drive failures. Therefore it would be prudent to make sure to have any important data copied from these two file servers before the outage. For owner Ember nodes, both compute and interactive: Note that any data on the local hard drives (/scratch/local) will be lost in this process. If you have any data in this location, you need to move it elsewhere before 8:00am Sept 24. If you need any assistance, please submit a request to