CHPC Downtime - Feb 4, 2014 - starting at 6:30am

Posted: January 21, 2014

Duration: Most of day

The next CHPC downtime has been scheduled for Feb 4, 2014.

This downtime is necessary to make network routing changes on CHPC's part to complete our move out of SSB and Komas. This time will also be used by the campus to upgrade portions of the campus network that will impact INSCC and for electrical work at the DDC to allow for the addition of new gear.

In addition, CHPC will use this downtime to further upgrade and update our network and to apply updates to the OS on the clusters.

Due to the nature of the network outages, CHPC users can expect that they will not have access to CHPC file systems or servers for most of the day. More details will follow as we finalize the work schedule.