CHPC Downtime - affects ember, telluride and UCS clusters only - Feb 25 starting at 7am

Posted: February 13, 2014

As tentatively announced last week, CHPC will be having a downtime on Feb 25th that will require us to power down the ember and telluride clusters to allow for electrical work at the Downtown Data Center. Reservations are in place to drain the batch queues on ember and telluride by 7am on Feb 25th. The duration of the downtime undetermined at this time; we hope that the clusters will be back in service on the 25th, but there is a chance that the time frame of the electrical work will require the clusters to be down until sometime on Feb 26th.

In addition, access to the UCS (turretarch nodes) will be unavailable for part of the day as part of the final migration of equipment from the Komas Data Center.

During this downtime, CHPC will also start the separation of the smithp nodes from ember into a new cluster named ash. This separation is necessary, due to limitations of the infiniband infrastructure, in preparation for a planned addition of nodes. Once the new ash cluster is up, most likely later during the week of the 25th, guest access will be allowed as before. Details on how to access will be sent to all after the ash cluster is online.