Emergency Network Outage -- Feb 13, 2014 starting at midnight

Posted: February 13, 2014

Duration: Midnight to 5 am

Connectivity between the Downtown Data Center and INSCC will be lost for an approximately 15-30 minute window overnight, sometime between Midnight and 5 am, to allow UEN to make networking changes. This will affect any access to CHPC file systems, including CIFS/Samba mounted shares and I/O of batch jobs. Jobs that are already running should ride through the outage. However, any batch job that attempts to start during the outage window will die when it cannot mount the file system.

We apologize for the very late notice on this outage; we put an alternate network link in place during the downtime February 6, but there were issues with the fiber and we were not able to get it repaired in time for this outage.