July 3, 2014 - Special pricing for nodes

Posted: July 3, 2014

Dell has provided us with new pricing on nodes that will be valid until mid-December 2014. The new price is $5480/node with 64GB RAM and $6045/node for 128GB RAM.* If you are interested in purchasing nodes for your research please contact issues@chpc.utah.edu indicating your interest and the quantity of nodes. Please not that this pricing is the per node price for units that have four nodes; orders that are not multiples of four will need to be combined with other purchases. These nodes will be added to kingspeak.

Each node has:

  • CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2670v2 (Ivy Bridge) 2.5 Ghz (10 cores/ socket, 2 sockets/node = 20 Cores)
  • Local Disk: 1TB for swap and /scratch/local
  • Interconnect: Mellanox FDR Infiniband (56 Gbs)
  • 5 Years Warranty

If you need a different configuration (e.g., memory, more local disk, etc) please contact us for specific quotes.

*This price is the node cost plus $510 for cables and switch costs.

In addition CHPC also has storage available. The current price is $210/TB for group space (no backups) and $500/TB for home directory (weekly full and nightly incremental backup to tape). This is on hardware that is under warranty until March 2019. Due to backup constraints the limit is 1TB per group for home directory space. Arrangements for quarterly archive tape backups of the group space is possible with the purchase of the tapes needed. Please contact CHPC for further details.