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Login Scripts

CHPC provides users with standard login scripts for both bash and tsch shells. These files, named .tcshrc and .bashrc, are put in your home directory when your account is created. You can see these files by doing

ls -a ~

Depending on which shell you request, one of them will be executed upon login. CHPC recommends that you keep both as there are some applications that require you to be in a specific shell.

These scrips set up the environment needed to work on the clusters, to submit batch jobs, to use and find the complilers and MPI installations, and to setup some of our most widely used packages. This resource file has a general section followed by cluster specific initialization sections.

Occasionally, CHPC will send out a message requesting that users update their .tchsrc or .bashrc files. The easiest way to do so is to use the wget command, making sure you are in your home directory. The example below is for .tcshrc, but by changing all instances of tcsh with bash you will update the .bashrc file.

  1. mv .tcshrc .tcshrc-save
  2. wget
  3. mv chpc.tcshrc .tcshrc

We recommend that you do the save of your current version of the script (see step 1 above) in case you run into any problems with the new version of .tcshrc or .bashrc.

CHPC also recommends that you do not customize this file, aside from commenting in setups for different packages that you need, or uncommenting them out if you do not need a specific package. Instead, any customizations should be placed in a separate file that is sourced as part of the .tcshrc or .bashrc. This can be accomplished by uncommenting the last line (by removing the leading '#') of the chpc.tchrc or chpc.bashrc.

#source ~/.aliases

Along with creating an .aliases file in your home directory with your own specifications (sourcing setup files for an application or setting custom environment variables).

If you need any help in setting up your environment, please send a note to and we will be happy to assist you.