Backup Your Data

On February 25th CHPC experienced a major file system failure that affected the home directories for users in 23 of our research groups. The incident was the result of a rare simultaneous failure of a disk and the disk controller that should have recognized the disk failure and prevented data corruption. Within a week the majority of users had their home directories fully restored and back online. Restoration for the remaining users had to be handled individually. All restores were completed by March 22nd.

CHPC does not back up /scratch file systems and the HPC general file system. For the space that is backed up, there is a complete backup every weekend, with daily incremental backups. Users should not rely on this backup as their only protection. We strongly encourage you to make copies of your own data. Having multiple copies of your most crucial data is the only guarantee that you will have the data should a machine failure occur. Hardware can and does periodically fail. This can be done in a few ways:

  • Keep a copy on an external storage device.
  • If you have multiple filesystems have the data on more than one.
  • Take advantage of the CHPC archival service. Users can buy tapes and have us make a copy of their data. We will do this for a group only once a quarter.
  • Explore other backup services offered by campus. See the UIT website for their cloud services.