Special Pricing for Kingspeak Nodes

Dell has pre-authorized CHPC through January 2014 to get pricing on additional nodes for the new kingspeak cluster at a great price of $5,800* per node. If you are interested in purchasing nodes for your research please contact issues@chpc.utah.edu indicating your interest and the quantity of nodes, in multiples of 4 for this pricing.

Each node has:

  • CPU: Intel Xeon (Sandybridge) e5-2670 2.6 Ghz (8 cores/ socket, 2 sockets/node=16 Cores)
  • Memory: 64 GB 1600Mhz RDIMMS. (4 GB/CPU-Core)
  • Local Disk: 500 GB for swap and /scratch/local
  • Interconnect: Mellanox FDR Infiniband (56 Gbs)
  • 5 Years Warranty

If you need a different configuration (e.g. not in multiples of 4, more memory, more local disk, etc) please contact us for specific quotes. The pricing we expect to still be good for these, but not the great deal above. Note that if we get enough requests and can bundle up a big order, we may be able to aggregate smaller node counts into multiples of 4 and get the pricing above.

*Node cost $5,250 plus $550 for cables and switch costs.