CHPC to Participate in World IPv6 Day June 8, 2011

June 8 is World IPv6 Day.

IPv6 is the newest version of the Internet Addressing Protocol.  It is necessary because the previous version (IPv4) doesn't have enough addresses to represent all of the devices in the world.

We will be turning on IPv6 on our main web servers at 6 PM on June 7th and turning it off at 6 PM on June 8th.

You probably won't need to do anything to be able to keep using our web sites.

If you have any trouble, please email us at, call us at 801-585-3791, or come into our offices in INSCC Room 405.

We are participating in this test to help raise awareness of the need for IPv6 and to make sure our sites work correctly over IPv6.

CHPC does offer and will continue to offer IPv6 connectivity to its web server through the address This address allows users to connect to our main web site via IPv6-only connectivity on a regular basis. The CHPC cluster icon blinks to show success of IPv6 connectivity.

More Details:

IPv6 is the exciting new evolution of the TCP/IP protocol stack that users utilize to communicate to their computers. IPv6 represents a huge leap forward in the number of addresses supported, as well as building in features such as IPSEC security. The traditional IPv4 contains only about 4.3x10^9 (4.3 billion) addresses, while IPv6 supports approximately 3.4x10^38 (340 undecillion) unique addresses! This increase is really important since IPv4 address space ran out in Feb 2011. Every new telephone and mobile device now requires an IP address to communicate so the move to IPv6 is imperative.

World IPv6 Day is being hosted by the Internet Society. The purpose of the event is to increase interest in the newest version of the Internet Addressing Protocol and to gauge the current status of IPv6-ready devices.

The Center for High Performance Computing (CHPC) will be participating. We currently offer IPv6 services on (our mirror site), and have done so for a while without any issues. We will be offering IPv6 services on 3 additional web servers during the 24-hour period starting at 6:00 PM on June 7th and ending at 6:00 PM on June 8th (midnight to midnight June 8, UTC). The following 3 web servers will be part of the test: (our main web site), (our problem-tracking system), and (our wiki).

If you would like to test your IPv6 connectivity before June 8, here are a couple of pages to try.  To test your IPv6 connectivity to our main web site, you can visit our IPv6 Diagnostics Page. For a more exhaustive test of your ability to use IPv6 in general, you can go to

For more information on the event (including a list of the participating organizations), please visit the World IPv6 Day Site.