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OnDemand web portal access to CHPC resources

Date Posted: May 18th, 2017

As web based portals to HPC resources are becoming popular especially for non traditional HPC users, we set up an initial implementation of the Open OnDemand portal (
This portal is accessible by pointing your web browser to, and authenticating with your uNID.
This implementation provides web based access to user files in the CHPC's home directory, lists jobs running on the clusters and allows to create
and submit jobs from provided templates via the web browser interface. Shell access to all the clusters is available as well, though, a more flexible way is to utilize FastX2. 
As we can now use e.g. WinSCP to browse through files, and FastX for terminal access, the only new functionality this portal provides now is the ability to look at, and submit, cluster jobs. In particular, we have included a number of job templates accessible via Jobs->MyJobs->Templates menu which we hope will simplify creation of new job scripts. Our plan is to provide job templates for many programs that we support.
We expect to add fuctionality in the future, including being able to run graphical programs such as Matlab, and various CAE programs that would allow to submit cluster jobs directly from these programs.
We appreciate if those interested gave this portal a try and give us feedback, which will be useful for steering further development of the portal.
Last Updated: 5/18/17