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CHPC Special Presentation: Latex Workshop by Dr. Nelson Beebe

Date Posted: January 7th, 2019

A Brief Introduction to TeX and LaTeX

Date:  Monday, January 14
Time: 10am-noon
Location:  INSCC Auditorium (INSCC Rm 110)
Presented by:  Dr. Nelson Beebe from the Department of Mathematics
Abstract: This presentation aims to provide some of the background of the TeX and LaTeX typesetting systems, show outlines of simple, moderate, and complex documents, with a goal of taking a beginner far enough to be able to prepare articles, reports, and books, and optional indexes and
bibliographies therein. It gives pointers to extensive online resources throughout the document, and lists important reference books in a final
Attendees will receive a packet of handouts to augment the workshop material.
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