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New CHPC Compute Node Pricing

Posted: June 20, 2019

Announcing the current pricing of CHPC compute nodes.   Any new nodes will be added to notchpeak in the general environment or to redwood in the protected environment.

These current quotes are for nodes with 40 compute cores (2 x Intel Cascade Lake Gold 6230 processors, each with 20 cores at a 2.1GHz clock speed), EDR infiniband, a 2TB 7200 rpm local hard drive for memory swap space and /scratch/local, and a 5 year warranty.

  • with 96 GB memory: $5,167.00
  • with 192 GB memory: $5,597.00
  • with 384 GB memory: $7,025.50

This price is the per node cost in a 4 nodes in a 2U unit configuration.  In this configuration, the four nodes are independent nodes, in a single chassis, and they share components such as the power supply.   If you are interested in a quantity that is not a multiple of 4, we will combine your purchase with others.  This configuration costs less per node than the more typical 1U configuration, discussed below.

To the price of any node, CHPC adds $900 for the cost of the networking and power to add the node to the cluster.

For interactive nodes for which the 4 in 2U configuration does not work OR for single node purchases when you may not want to wait until we have a quantity of 4 to purchase, we have a price for a single node in a 1U configuration with the same specifications given above:

  • with 384 GB memory: $7,316

We expect to have pricing for the 96 and 192 GB memory versions of this 1U configuration by July 1. 

CHPC's policy of owner nodes is given at

If you have any questions on the information above, are interested in a node with different specifications, or wish to discuss placing an order, please contact

Last Updated: 6/20/19