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CHPC ANNOUNCEMENT: Issues with tickets sent to (from about 2pm on 4/7 until about 2:30pm 4/8)

UPDATE: April 8th about 2:30

The issue regarding emails to has been resolved.  

Requests from yesterday and earlier today are now in the ticket system and CHPC staff is working to address these tickets.

Posted: April 8th about Noon
We are experiencing an issue with receiving tickets being sent   It appears that tickets submitted after approximately 2pm yesterday (4/7/2020) were not received by CHPC.
From a test, tickets submitted via the web form found by using the "Report an Issue" option on, checking the box "Is this a CHPC request?" are reaching us.

Until we announce that the issue with using the helpdesk email address has been resolved please use the alternative web form option to submit tickets.  

If you submitted a ticket after 2pm yesterday AND have not yet received any emails regarding the ticket,  please resubmit the request.

Last Updated: 4/8/20