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CHPC ANNOUNCEMENT: Changes to notchpeak-shared-short partition

Date Posted: April 9th, 2021

We have two upcoming changes to notchpeak-shared-short partition.

The first change is a reduction in the maximum number of cores per user from 32 to 16. This is in response to the increased usage of this partition by classes, which have many students accessing this partition at the same time, as well as by other users of the partition via the CHPC ondemand portal. Recently there have been instances where not all of the students of a class were able to start a job during the class time. 

The change in the maximum number of cores per user will be made on Monday, April 12th.  

The second change is  that we are in the process of adding two additional nodes to the notchpeak-shared-short partition. The additional nodes each have 52 cores, 512 GB memory and 2 T4 GPUs. These nodes will be available for use in the next week or so.

Additional information about the notchpeak-shared-short partition can be found at

Last Updated: 4/9/21