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CHPC ANNOUNCEMENT: SLURM access to  data transfer nodes in both the general and protected environment

Date Posted: April 8th, 2021

In the Spring 2021 newsletter we mentioned that we were working to make the data transfer nodes (DTNs) in both the general and the protected environment accessible via SLURM batch jobs.  This is now in place, and all users have been added to dtn slurm accounts.  For details on making use of this new ability, please see the new slurm-datatransfer page on the CHPC website.

To use this new option for data transfer, use the  slurm account dtn along with the partition notchpeak-dtn in the general environment and redwood-dtn in the protected environment.

If you have any questions on this new ability, please submit them using

Last Updated: 4/9/21