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CHPC ANNOUNCEMENT: Changes in Google Drive

Date Posted: February 14, 2022

This note is regarding the February 7th UIT announcement, given below, on the new Google Drive limits changing from the current unlimited to 100 TB storage for the University, with 5 GB limits per user. 

There are many CHPC users that have a large amount of data stored and/or backed up on the University's Google Drive space who will be looking for alternative solutions.   

As mentioned in the announcement, UIT is exploring alternative solutions and options at the campus level. Current campus level options, though they are limited in amount of storage provided, include Box and Microsoft OneDrive. There is also a UIT Knowledge Base article with information on options and their suitability for different types of data (public/sensitive/restricted). 

CHPC long-term storage options: 

At CHPC our long-term storage offerings in the general environment include group space and archive space, both described at .  

In the protected environment (PE) we have project space (group space equivalent) and archive storage -- see  

  • Group/project space costs $150/TB for the hardware lifetime, typically 5 years, and often up to 7 years when we can get a warranty extension. This storage option is accessible on CHPC general environment compute resources and can be mounted via samba on local compute resources. 
  • The archive storage option is $150/TB for 5 years. This data in this space is not available from other CHPC resources. This storage option is used by CHPC for the CHPC run backups. It can also be used for user driven backups.   

Transferring data from Google Drive: 

CHPC also provides information on data movement, including the use of rclone to move data to/from Google Drive.  This is found at  

Note in the next couple of weeks CHPC will be adding additional information to this page, including more examples of moving data off Google Drive. In addition, we are working on ways CHPC staff can be of assistance to users with the migration of data off Google Drive. Watch for additional announcements in the next couple of weeks. 

Last Updated: 2/14/22