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CHPC ANNOUNCEMENT:  Reminder that University of Utah Affiliate Accounts Expiration

Date Posted: May 9, 2022

To all CHPC PIs from the University of Utah who have requested Affiliate IDs for members of their CHPC group
Affiliate IDs requested via the University of Utah Human Resources Department have an end date.Previously the request had a maximum time period of 1 year, but this recently changed to have a maximum time period of 6 months. On the request form there are fields for the start and end date.  The start date by default is the date you complete the request.  The end date by default is 6 months from this date.
Once an affiliate ID has reached the expiration date the person no longer has access to CHPC resources.  When the person tries to login to CHPC resources they will get a message that their account has been locked.  
If you request an affiliate ID using to provide a person without a University of Utah role access to CHPC as part of your group, you will need to renew the ID. It is easiest to do this BEFORE the affiliate ID has expired.  Once an affiliate ID has expired, you will have to complete the request application again (although this process will be quicker than the initial request IF you include the current affiliate ID).

To extend the affiliate ID before it has expired: Use the form, selecting "Extend Affiliate Access" and then in the Previously issue UNID field add the affiliate ID (with first character a 0 not a u).  If the affiliate ID is still active, it will complete the name and affiliate information and allow for the entry of a new exit date. 
To get a list of affiliate IDs requested by your department: This can be done at the department level via CIS.  
Finally, I will add that CHPC is actively exploring alternatives that will not require people without a University of Utah role to get an affiliate ID to be able to access CHPC resources.
Last Updated: 5/9/22