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CHPC ANNOUNCEMNT: NEW General Environment scratch file system

Date Posted: May 20, 2022

We now have a new scratch file system in the general environment.  The file system is /scratch/general/vast.  It has a capacity of 1 PB. Details about this new file system can be found in the CHPC Spring 2022 Newsletter
This scratch file system is available on the general environment HPC clusters, and as with the other scratch file systems, files that have not been accessed in 60 days will automatically be scrubbed. 
We are also announcing the retirement of the /scratch/kingspeak/serial.  During the downtime, this scratch files system will be made read-only, and at the start of July it will be unmounted from the HPC resources.  If you have any content on this file system, please copy it elsewhere by the last day of June
Last Updated: 5/20/22