CHPC - Research Computing Support for the University

In addition to deploying and operating high performance computational resources and providing advanced user support and training, CHPC serves as an expert team to broadly support the increasingly diverse research computing needs on campus. These needs include support for big data, big data movement, data analytics, security, virtual machines, Windows science application servers, protected environments for data mining and analysis of protected health information, and advanced networking. Visit our Getting Started page for more information.

Nvidia Training

Hosted by NVIDIA
LOCATION: SCI Institute, 72 S. Centeral Campus Drive
DATE: Sept. 29-30, 2015.
TIME: 9 am - 4:30 pm both days
LIMIT: 45 Seats
To register:

ATTENTION: Protected Environment Users

  1. Duo multi-factor authentication will be required after the September 1st downtime (below). 
  2. Downtime of apexarch to upgrade the OS to RHEL6. Begins 8 a.m. September 1st for approximately 2 days.

More details

CHPC Fall 2015 Training Series begins on September 1st

 Allocation Requests for Fall 2015 quarter due September 1, 2015

1. Information on the allocation process and relevant forms are located online here:

2. Your request may be for up to 4 quarters.

3. Please submit your request through our online system by going here:

Schedule of Summer 2015 Presentations

We would like to remind everyone of the unique opportunity to learn about program performance tuning and science visualization during the two Virtual School of Computational Science and Engineering (VSCSE) Summer School classes which begin in two weeks.

The classes are free and webcasted to our location with local TA support. There are still plenty of spaces available. For more information and to register, please, see:

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Autism children

Autism Research within CHPC’s Protected Environment

The Utah Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Project (UT-ADDM) headed by Deborah Bilder, M.D. and William McMahon, M.D. in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Utah’s School of Medicine, uses CHPC’s  robust protected environment that allows researchers using protected health information (PHI) to gather, process and store data, increasing user productivity and compliance.  In addition to access to high performance computing power, other tangible benefits for researchers using PHI is that the CHPC handles systems management issues, such as rapid response to electrical power issues, provision of reliable cooling and heating, VPN support for a work-anywhere computing experience, and ensuring a hardened, secure environment compared to office computers or departmental servers. For the institution this resource allows much better compliance and reduces the vulnerabilities of exposure of PHI data. 

System Status

last update: 08/29/15 8:36 am
General Nodes
system procs % util.
ember 708/1008 70.24%
kingspeak 720/752 95.74%
lonepeak 120/256 46.88%
Restricted Nodes
system procs % util.
ash 2992/6296 47.52%
apexarch 0/64 0%
ember 456/708 64.41%
kingspeak 2636/3632 72.58%
lonepeak 464/656 70.73%

Cluster Utilization