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CHPC has developed a series of courses to help users make the most of CHPC resources. We continue to add to and improve this series and present it every fall semester. During spring and summer semesters we present an abbreviated series of presentations. We welcome suggestions for additional presentations. 

While we typically offer an in person option  in the INSCC Auditorium (Rm 110) for these presentations, due to the  COVID-19 situation we are only offering remote participation via zoom.  The zoom link is on each of the pages describing the individual presentations. 

There is no cost associated with these training sessions.  Also, there is no need to register, with the exception of the XSEDE HPC Monthly Workshops - for these you must register with XSEDE .  See link below for additional details of the presentations.

Schedule of Summer 2020 presentations

 Below is a list of some of the recent workshops that have been hosted by CHPC.

Last Updated: 5/7/20