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Hands-on Introduction to Python (5 part series)


Each of these sessions is two hours. 

During the first three sessions we will introduce the key concepts of the Python language: variables, functions, control structures, I/O, exception handling as well the concept of object-oriented programming.

During the fourth and fifth sessions, we will focus on how Python can be used in a scientific environment by using Numpy and SciPy. 

To participate in the hands-on exercises:

a. You will need to a laptop with a functional connection to the internet.

b. Follow this link to

c. Once the Binder site has initialized and the Jupyter web page appears, click on the "notebooks" link, and then on the file "hands_on_intro_to_python.ipynb".

d. If you would like to download the course materials you can do so with the following "git" command:

git clone

Once the git command completes you should have a new directory named "python-lectures". If you don't have git on your machine you can open a browser to , click the green Code button, and download the materials as a zip file.


Last Updated: 2/15/21