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HPC Clusters

CHPC operates and maintains many HPC clusters and these computing resources are available to any research faculty at the University of Utah in need of such resources. All accounts on CHPC systems must be sponsored by a faculty member set up in our system as a CHPC PI. Configuration details for each cluster are available in the Cluster User Guides and Cluster Job Scheduling Policies

HPC Clusters:

Here is the a quick overview of these resources:


Number of Nodes/Cores

Node Description


Notchpeak 67/2144 (general + GPU)

2.1 GHz Skylake


2.4-2.6 GHz Sandybridge/Ivybridge/Haswell/Broadwell

465/7468 2.8 GHz Westmere and 2.5 GHz Ivybridge FDR
119/1524 Mixed nodes (Westmere and older) None
16/152 Mixed nodes QDR
64/1024 2.6 GHz Sandybridge FDR

 To view what cluster partitions and accounts are available to you, run command myallocation .

Owning Nodes on Clusters

In addition to general access, researchers may wish to purchase nodes on one of the clusters. Currently CHPC is allowing purchases of nodes on the Notchpeak cluster (see above). For more information about this process, please refer to:

Last Updated: 6/11/21