2.3 Protected Environment HPC Cluster Policies

Access to resources in the protected environment HPC Cluster is restricted to use for projects that require the extra security layers that exist on this cluster.  In order to use these resources the user must demonstrate need for access to these resources to CHPC.  All users with access have to be provisioned with a HIPAA account in addition to their normal CHPC account.   All access to this cluster, including the interactive nodes, must be via the CHPC HIPAA VPN pool or bouncer.chpc.utah.edu, which uses the Duo two factor authentication.

2.3.1 Apexarch Job Scheduling Policy

Job Control
Jobs will be controlled through the batch system using Slurm. 

      1. Node sharing. No node sharing.
      2. Allocations. No allocation controls.
      3. Best effort to allocate nodes of same CPU speed.
      4. Max time limit for jobs will be as outlined in the QOS definitions below.
      5. Scheduling is set based on a current highest priority set for every job, plus backfill.
      6. Fairshare boost in priority at user level. Minimal boost to help users who haven't been running recently. Our Fairshare window is two weeks.
      7. Small relative to  time small short jobs are given a boost for length of time in the queue as it relates to the wall time they have requested.
      8. Reward for parallelism. Set at the global level
      9. Special Reservations - upon request.
        1. Partitions
          Partition Name Access Accounts Node/core count Memory  Features  Node Specification
           apexarch  restricted   all accounts in protected environment   10/80, 6/72   16384, 24576, 49152, 49451, 98902  c8, c12     aa[001-016]
              Total  16/152      
        2. Job priorities. Majority of a job's priority will be set based on a quality of service definition or QOS. The following initial QOSs to be defined:
           QOS  Priority   Preempts  Preempt Mode Flags  Maxwall
           apexarch  1000  apex-freecycle   cancel    3-00:00:00
           apex-freecycle    1    cancel  NoReserve   3-00:00:00