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Beehive User Guide

This system is for CHPC users needing access to a windows server. Most of this resource use is with large memory statistical analysis, however if you have another windows use please contact us. The system has 48 Cores, 512GB of RAM, and approximately 2 TB of disk space, and can mount your user space and group space if needed. 

We have SAS 9.4, R, STATA, Mathematica, Matlab, and Microsoft Office 2016 on Beehive.  

Once you use windows remote desktop (RDP) to get to you can run any of the applications listed. You must have a valid CHPC account to access this system. If coming from off campus, you must use the campus vpn


  1. Use remote desktop to RDP to
    1. For windows goto 'start' > 'all programs' > 'accessories' 'remote desktop connection', for linux use xfreerdp or RDP client of your choice. 
    2. Enter the hostname of (or on linux use rdesktop  
    3. Read (and comply with) the banner warning about authorized access use.
    4. Login using your campus username and password which is ad\UNID and then your normal campus password.
  2. If you are using a Mac, you may have office 'remote desktop connection' which will work OK. We've had better experiences with the Microsoft Remote Desktop which can be download free from the apple store.
    1. Install and launch Microsoft Remote Desktop
    2. Put in the computer field
    3. In the username field, put your ad\uNID
    4. Next, authenticate with your password and you should now have a remote window on beehive.


If you need help with this system, please send email to

Last Updated: 7/5/23