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Getting Help

The best way to ask questions or request assistance is to send an email to helpdesk@chpc.utah.eduDo not put any Personal Health Information (PHI), passwords or other sensitive information in your email.  Your request will be logged in the Service Now ticketing system and will be assigned to the appropriate CHPC staffer.

Please address emails to and CC your favorite CHPC staffer

We know that you may want to contact your favorite CHPC staffer directly, but we ask that you please address your email to and CC your "preferred" CHPC staff member.  This method assures that your concern or question will be addressed in a timely fashion, if the staff member you are requesting assistance from is on vacation, out of  the office for other reasons such as a conference, or is attending to a critical system issue or other priority work.

For newbies 

Getting started with using advanced computing research tools such as computational clusters can be daunting. We are here to help. Always feel free to send a question, report a problem or make a suggestion by submitting it to our issues tracking system (see above). If you don't know what question to ask, you can request a one-on-one meeting with one of our scientific consultants (Anita, Martin, Brett, Wim or Drew) who can take you through the basics. 

Group training

If your group is new, or has more than a few new members, CHPC scientific consultants can be scheduled to come to your location and work with a group, or we can host you in our training lab. To request this service, please email

Other sources of help and training

  • CHPC presentation series: We offer our training series three times a year, the first starting in August or September,  the second in January, and the third in may/June.  Note that only the core presentations are offered all three semesters.  The fall presentation series is the most extensive.
  • XSEDE on demand training
  • Supercomputing in Plain English (SiPE) by the University of Oklahoma 
  • Other, perhaps more experienced, CHPC users in your research group
Last Updated: 11/3/23