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2.4 Owner Interactive Node Policy

CHPC PI/Faculty Advisors can purchase nodes to be used as interactive nodes on the CHPC clusters. 

Access to the owner interactive nodes is restricted to members of the PI's group.  

All appropriate filesystems (scratch, home directories) will be mounted on these nodes. As some of these resources are shared by all CHPC users, users of owner nodes must use their nodes in a manner that does not negatively impact other CHPC users.  

Policy on these nodes is determined by the individual PIs, in consultation with CHPC staff.  CHPC will make an effort to accommodate any special needs and machine specifications that the PI requires, however CHPC retains the right to veto requests.  CHPC retains full control over the nodes, including having root access, specifying the OS run, and all of the security policies.

These nodes will be maintained as long as they are under warranty (length selected at time of purchase). After the warranty has expired, decisions on evaluating hardware issues, repairing and/or retiring the nodes will be made by CHPC.

Last Updated: 7/5/23