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1.5 Application Support Policy

CHPC provides support to its users by installing and maintaining needed applications. This includes applications that are needed by a large number of our users (e.g., compilers, mpi) as well as more specialized applications that may be used by only a single research group. CHPC evaluates the latter on a case by case basis. In the following, some of the factors that are used in determining support are listed as well as what our support entails. To request installation of a software package, please email the details to

CHPC support includes:

  • Installing software in a CHPC application tree, /uufs/ 
  • Testing software and providing basic instructions for use in the form of a page in the CHPC Software Manual
  • Applying updates to software
  • Rebuilding software as changes are made to the OS and/or versions of MPI

Factors to determine support include:

  • Stability of requested package
    • package must neither be a beta version nor be a package that has not been supported/updated for many years. Again, these cases are evaluated on a case by case basis, and CHPC is willing to discuss this point and try to install if the package under consideration is the only option. 
    • If installation of a package becomes problematic, CHPC may choose not to install or support.
  • Licensing restrictions/price
    • software licenses for packages that are licensed per research group need to be purchased by the research group; these software packages can still be installed in a central location and then have access restricted to that group via unix group permissions
    • if a package can be licensed for all CHPC users, then an evaluation is made based on the cost and on the possible interest in the application by other CHPC users. In some cases CHPC will pay for the license; in other cases cost sharing between CHPC, other departments, and/or research groups can be discussed. 
    • If the license is purchased by a group, it becomes responsible for requesting updates as well as tracking and renewing licenses.

Individuals can also choose to install software, provided that the installation can be completed without root or admin privileges, in their home directories or in group space, when available, and make that installation available to members of their group using unix permissions. CHPC is willing to assist with any problems with such installations.

Last Updated: 7/5/23