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Aspera is IBM's high-performance file transfer software which allows for the transfer large files and data sets with predictable, reliable and secure delivery regardless of file size or transfer distance from a site which has the aspera server running.  The NCBI recommend the use of aspera for transfer of data sets from their site.  The command line client is installed on CHPC at /uufs/


To Use

To use the command line client:

   module load aspera/3.6.1

 To see all options:

   ascp --help

Below is the recommended options and settings for use on CHPC when doing a transfer to CHPC from NCBI:

ascp -i /uufs/ -G 8M -T -Ql 10g -Z 8800 -L/tmp --mode recv --host --user anonftp --file-list /tmp/sralist/sralist01 /tmp/ncbi

In the above:

  • -i is the location of the private=key file name
  • -G is the file write block size
  • -T disables encryption
  • -Ql 
  • -Z manual setting of MTU (maximum transmission unit) size
  • -L path to local logging directory
  • --mode  either send or recv
  • --host is hostname (this is for NCBI)
  • --user is username to use for transfer for NCBI
  • --file-list is the file with the list of sources to transfer


Last Updated: 7/5/23