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CCP4 Software Suite: Software for Macromolecular X-Ray Crystallography Softw

The CCP4 software suite is a collection of packages , which together form a world-leading, integrated suite of programs that allows researchers to determine macromolecular structures by X-ray crystallography, and other biophysical techniques. The CCP4 project aims to develop and support the development of cutting edge approaches to experimental determination and analysis of protein structure, and integrate these approaches into the suite. CCP4 is a community based resource that supports the widest possible researcher community, embracing academic, not for profit, and for profit research. CCP4 aims to play a key role in the education and training of scientists in experimental structural biology. It encourages the wide dissemination of new ideas, techniques and practice.

  • Version: 7.1.016
  • Machines: all clusters
  • Location: /uufs/


The main CCP4 website can be found at; there is also a wiki at

To Use:

module load ccp4/7.1.016


Last Updated: 7/5/23