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Duo (Multi-factor authentication)

CHPC uses the campus Duo to manage two factor authentication, required to access CHPC's Protected Environment (PE).

If you have any issues with DUO two factor issue, info can be found at:

If you need to register or re-register your device (because maybe you got a new phone) , use the  Duo Management Portal  to manage devices registration.  

 The main UofU Help Desk support page is:  

If you are a CHPC user:

DUO security account:  The UofU and CHPC are deploying additional security initiatives on various systems, so jump on board and take advantage of better security. This is an additional authentication step (e.g., multi, second or two factor security) beyond your primary login credentials, so something you know (username & pass) and something you have (phone, device, token). 

Hosts in the general environment (e.g., kingspeak, ember, ash etc) are not requiring DUO at this time but hosts in the CHPC Protected environment (PE) require Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Using DUO, users will enroll and install an application on their smartphone. Authentication can also be done using regular cell phones, landlines, and there is also a key fob available if needed.

If you don't have a DUO security account setup already then you'll need to do the following to get setup:

  1. Register your device by visiting to add your device to the campus DUO service. One can also get to this via logging into or

    If utilizing smart phone download Two-Factor Authentication App: (the registration link above will walk you thru the install of the app but wanted to include direct links below:


  2. After you've registered at least one device you should be set for campus duo services like vpn or and you should be set.      If you know you need to use to with CHPC's protected environment then send an email to saying you've registered with DUO and request it's associated with the CHPC-PE group. CHPC will then ask UIT to add your DUO account to the  group(s) and we'll notify you when it's ready.  NOTE: these instructions are for the CHPC PE only. It is not for EPIC or other UofU campus service - for campus related items please contact:  or


For more information:  

For a presentation about  CHPC and Duo 2FA: . The slides from from this presentaiton are found at

Presentation for CHPC PE:

Last Updated: 7/5/23