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Apache Subversion is a tool for software versioning and revision control. Subversion is maintained on CHPC systems due to it's broad applicability for developing scientific applications. The SVN website can provide more information on the use of SVN:

Users in the cluster environment may use the version located at the following path:


The recommended way of using this version of SVN is through the use of an alias. CHPC does not recommend using /usr/bin/svn unless the system version is compatible with the SVN repository you are connecting too. Using the wrong version of SVN can result in repository corruption or other errors.

For windows users, the shell tool TortoiseSVN is the recommended way to access SVN repositories:

For users, SVN repositories can be created in your home directory to help with your development process and as a general document management tool. SVN is NOT a tool for backing up files; the loss of an SVN repository in connection with a file system failure is permanent, unless a copy is stored in another physically separate location.

The CHPC also hosts SVN repositories for qualifying researchers on the U of U campus. Please contact for more information if you are interested in CHPC hosting an SVN repository for your project.

Last Updated: 7/5/23