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Updates to Open OnDemand Interactive app Submission Forms

Date Published: February 17th, 2023

We have implemented a few changes in the Open OnDemand interactive app submission forms, with goal to improve their user friendliness, that we are planning to make live over the weekend. The features and functionality of the apps will remain the same, and the change should not affect any existing OOD sessions. These changes will apply to all OOD servers, namely ondemand, ondemand-class and pe-ondemand.
In particular:
1. The accounts and partitions available to users will be automatically populated into a pull-down list, instead of having to type them manually. All available combinations of account:partition across all the clusters are present at this time, we will be working on making to show only those applicable to a selected cluster in the future. Therefore at this point please ensure that you choose the appropriate account:partition for the selected cluster. 
Selection of account Partition
2. The GPUs are similarly auto-populated from a list of available GPU types, specific for each cluster. Number of GPUs is selectable in a field below. Until now the GPU type and count had to be manually entered. We also indicate if the GPU supports single or double floating point precision, and if these nodes are owner or general - they require a different account:partition.
Open Ondemand GPU select
3. If one selects the Frisco nodes, the remaining entry fields will hide because they are only valid for the SLURM scheduled nodes. Until now we have asked to ignore those form fields.
We have tested these features extensively, but can not guarantee that someone does not create a combination that we did not test, therefore, as always, if you notice anything incorrect, please let us know via
Last Updated: 2/17/23